Thursday, September 13, 2012

Superhero Photos

I am going to break up Dallin's Superhero birthday party we had on Saturday into a few different posts b/c it is too overwhelming to try and post so many pictures as once. So here we go!

These were the surprise guests that showed up at our house for Dallin's party!! I'll write all about what they did with the kids in the next post, but for now, here are the pictures that we took of them and the kids.

These three girls are Kit and Kevin's (Jared's cousin) kids, Elle, Ryn and Eden.

Coey and Mia
Luke, Dallin's friend from his primary class at church. Even though I had my seamless white backdrop set up in the garage in the shade, the light coming into the garage was too bright for the kids' eyes and they had a hard time keeping them open! Darn!

Alicia Hunt's (Jared's cousin) boys, Adam and Jonathon. Best shot I could get of these shy twins!

The only kid not pictured is Brighton- he was terrified of the superheroes, so we didn't want to upset him! I was kind of rushed and in demand while trying to get these pictures taken (Jared and Kit were inside serving food but needed me for direction, poor Batman was drenched in sweat so I needed to hurry for him), and the backdrop ended up not being wide enough or high enough, so I was focusing on trying to not let that show as much as possible, so I didn't pay as much attention to detail like I would have liked to and wasn't able to spend much time posing the kids! But I still love that we have these pictures and love the overall affect of them!! How cool are these superheroes?!?! This was so much fun!!!

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